The strenght of textile, jewelry

woensdag 13 maart 2019
The strenght of textile, jewelry

Een reizende tentoonstelling met 24 internationale sieraadontwerpers.

4 May to 8 Jun 2019
Galerie Caractère
bijoux et objets contemporains
rue des terreaux 1
Neuchâtel - Switzerland



armband, 2002, kunststof

Luis Acosta, curator:

"The strength of textil, jewelry" is a collection of Contemporary International Jewelry in which 24 designers participate.
This exhibition is not about the textile jewelry itself, but about something that suggests it, regardless of the material and technique used. It is the ambiguous concept of the textile jewelry where the quality of the textile materials is contrasted with the hardness and coldness of the metal.
The experience of each designer leads him (sometimes unconsciously) to produce an object that is later cataloged into a discipline he had not taken into account.
It is interesting to see, within that experimentation, the application of these materials that are transformed into delicate pieces delivering a unique aesthetic to each design.
All the magic of a transformation, coupled with mastery in the design of jewelry, to deliver a mysterious message of love. It's a traveling exhibition that can be visited (for now) in Seville (Spain), Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Porto (Portugal), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) ...

Artistas / Artists: Agara Agirre (Spain), Andrea Barrera Velásquez (Colombia), Angelo Verga (Italy), Carolina Bernachea (Argentina), Christine Cook (New Zealand), Evelyne Alice Bridier (France), Floor Max (Netherlands), Heng Lee (Taiwan), Idoia Lizeaga Iturralde (Spain), Irene G Barrera (Spain), Jo Pudelko (United Kingdom), Karen Gillis (Netherlands), Mabel Pena (Argentina), Margo Nelissen (Netherlands), Mercedes Carvallo (Venezuela), Mónica Pérez (Chile), Nicole Uurbanus (Netherlands-Brazil), Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo (Brazil-Ireland), Rachel Reilly (United Kingdom), Rafael Luis Alvarez Meinvielle (Argentina), Rita Soto (Chile), Shenhav Russo (Israel), Snem Yildirim (Turkey), Ye-Jee Lee (South Korea)

I show some "golden oldies'

3 MAX Floor collar small for a portrait red web

6 MAX Floor Bracelet

                                     Bracelet, 2002, plastic






Collar for a portrait, 2006, silver, embroidery, plastic




Traveling exhibition:

8 March to 12 April 2019
Galería La Galeller
C/ Siete Revueltas 20
Sevilla – Spain

4 May to 8 Jun 2019
Galerie Caractère
bijoux et objets contemporains
rue des terreaux 1
Neuchâtel - Switzerland

29 Jun to 31 Aug 2019
Tincal lab
Contemporary jewelry work+shop space
CCBombarda - Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285, loja 25 
Porto – Portugal

19 Sep to 19 Oct 2019
Galería Lalabeyou
joyería contemporánea
Travesía de Belén 2 - Local 1 
Madrid – Spain 
coinciding with the VIII Biennial International of Contemporary Textile Art of the WTA

Feb to March 2020 
C/ Viñolas 10
Sant Cugat del Vallès – Barcelona – Spain